15.06.2024, Sat 10-17 (lunch 13-14)

Graniidi 1, Tallinn, Tasapisi Tasakaal

Language: English

Fee 80€


What is Gestalt?

An introduction to GESTALT Therapy in theory and praxis

Life seems to become more and more complex and complicated. Change is everywhere.

Private, social, and professional requirements are increasing steadily and at the same time a frame of reference is missing. Every day we must fight for clarity and continuity.

How to deal with that?

Gestalt as an acknowledged integrative development approach is worldwide used in therapy, coaching, counselling and training.

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic, experimental, and dialogical way to deepen one’s awareness in the contact HERE and NOW.

Through this theoretical frame a field is created where the self-development is encouraged and supported in the best way.

Better understanding of oneself, better communication with others and a more satisfied sense of self will be benefitial in relational field, especially for helping professionals.

This one-day course is open to all who are interested of education in Gestalt counselling, psychotherapy or want to explore Gestalt therapy approach as a professional further training.

Introduction day contains:

  • Theory: Gestalt basic concepts and principles
  • Praxice: opportunity to explore the theory through different experiments
  • Information: about further possibilities personally and professionally

Come and join a modern adventure!

  • Course will be in English
  • Participation fee: 80€
  • The course is lead by Gestalt Therapists Kaire Talviste-Baiocco and Oliver Baiocco.
  • Further information:

Come and join a modern adventure